Dr. X. Ben Wu



Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Thaman University Professor for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence


Landscape ecology, ecology education


Ph.D. in Ecology (1991), University of Tennessee
M.S. in Management Science (1990), University of Tennessee
M.S. in Ecology (1988), University of Tennessee
B.S. in Botany (1982), Lanzhou University (China)


(979) 845-7334




Texas A&M University
534 John Kimbrough
WFES Building, room 320
2120 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77843 USA

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Dr. Wu’s research focuses on landscape ecology and undergraduate ecology education. The current research projects of his lab are centered on the spatial ecology of pyric-herbivory in savanna landscapes of the Great Plains and associated education program and research focused on faculty development and authentic inquiry experiences.  He teaches undergraduate course "Fundamentals of Ecology" and graduate course "Landscape Analysis and Modeling". 

Recent publications

Jin B, Sun G, Zhang Y, Zou M, Ni X, Luo K, Zhang X, Cheng H, Li F, Wu XB. 2019. Goat track networks facilitate efficiency in movement and foraging. Landscape Ecology 34:2033–2044. doi.org/10.1007/s10980-019-00877-w.

Miller KS, Brennan LA, Perotto-Baldivieso HL, Hernandez F, Grahmann ED, Okay AZ*, Wu XB, Peterson M, Hannusch H, Mata J, Robles J, Shedd T. 2019. Correlates of habitat fragmentation and northern bobwhite abundance in the Gulf Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management. 10:3-18, doi.org/10.3996/112017-JFWM-094.

Zhou Y, Boutton TW, Wu XB. 2019. A Three-Dimensional Assessment of Soil δ13C in a Subtropical Savanna: Implications for Vegetation Change and Soil Carbon Dynamics. Soil Systems 3(4), 73. doi.org/10.3390/soilsystems3040073.

Cheleuitte-Nieves C, Perotto-Baldivieso HL, Wu XB, Cooper SM. 2018. Association patterns reveal congregation-dispersal dynamics among cattle in South Texas rangelands, USA. Ecological Processes 7:29. DOI:10.1186/s13717-018-0141-9.

Zhou Y, Boutton TW, Wu XB. 2018. Soil C:N:P stoichiometry responds to vegetation change from grassland to woodland. Biogeochemistry doi:10.1007/s10533-018-0495-1.

Zhou Y, Boutton TW, Wu XB. 2018. Woody plant encroachment amplifies spatial heterogeneity of soil phosphorus to considerable depth. Ecology 99:136–147.

Zhou Y, Boutton TW, Wu XB. 2018. Soil phosphorus does not keep pace with soil carbon and nitrogen accumulation following woody encroachment. Global Change Biology 24(5):1992-2007.

Zhou Y, Boutton TW, Wu XB, Wright C, Dion A. 2018. Rooting strategies in a subtropical savanna: a landscape-scale three-dimensional assessment. Oecologia 186(4):1127–1135.

Zhou Y, Mushinski RM, Hyodo A, Wu XB, Boutton TW. 2018. Vegetation change alters soil profile δ15N at the landscape scale. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 119:110-120.

Bonner KM, Fleming-Davies AE, Grayson KL, Hale AN, Wu XB, Donovan S. 2017. Bringing research data to the ecology classroom through a QUBES faculty mentoring network. Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology 13: http://tiee.esa.org/vol/v13/issues/commentary.html.

Zhou Y, Boutton TW, Wu XB. 2017. Soil carbon response to woody plant encroachment: Importance of spatial heterogeneity and deep soil storage. Journal of Ecology 105(6):1738-1749.

Zhou Y, Boutton TW, Wu XB, Yang C. 2017. Spatial heterogeneity of subsurface soil texture drives landscape-scale patterns of woody patches in a subtropical savanna. Landscape Ecology 32(4):915–929.

González Afanador E, Kjelland ME, Wu XB, Wilkins N, Grant WE. 2016. Ownership property size, landscape structure, and spatial relationships in the Edwards Plateau of Texas (USA): landscape scale habitat management implications. Environment Systems and Decisions 36(3):310–328.

Jin B, Sun G, Zhang Y, Zou M, Ni X, Luo K, Zhang X, Cheng H, Li F, Wu XB. 2016. Livestock tracks transform resource distribution on terracette landscapes of the Loess Plateau. Ecosphere 7(3):e01337. 10.1002/ecs2.1337.

Williamson JC, Bestelmeyer BT, McClaran MP, Robinett D, Briske DD, Wu XB, Fernandez-Gimenez M. 2016. Can ecological land classification increase the utility of long-term monitoring data? Ecological Indicators 69:657–666.

Wu XB, Knight SL, Schielack JF, Robledo DC, Jaime XA, Peterson CA, Griffing LR. 2016. Authentic ecological inquiries using BearCam archives. CourseSource doi:10.24918/cs.2016.22.

Rho P, Wu XB, Smeins FE, Silvy NJ, Peterson MJ. 2015 Regional land cover patterns, changes and potential relationships with scaled quail (Callipepla squamata) abundance. Journal of Ecology and Environment 38(2):185-193.

Li W, Zhan S, Lan Z, Wu XB, Bai Y. 2015. Scale-dependent patterns and mechanisms of grazing-induced biodiversity loss: Evidence from a field manipulation experiment in semiarid steppe. Landscape Ecology 30:1751-1765.



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